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La Casa Battambang

La Casa Restaurant is why you go out...

You don't leave the comforts of home for no reason. You go out to do something special.It is not just a place to eat and drink, but to have fun and relax.

Welcome to "La Casa Battambang" Restaurant! We're the place to go when you're looking for amazing pizza, delicious pasta selections, and an extensive menu of high quality food--all in a fun, casual, accommodating setting. We want to thank our customers for coming to our restaurants in the best way we know how: by making sure that their experience here is the best it can possibly be. Come by La Casa Restaurant and prepare to be amazed at the atmosphere, food, and drinks you can find here!It is our commitment to use fresh ingredients.

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What our Customers Say on TripAdvisor…

"Good option in a grey city, a clean Oasis !"
Sergi from Madrid, Spain
"Very high quality pizza's"
Grafmart from Amsterdam, Holland

"Excellent, everything was amazing"
PandasNPugs from Beijing, China
"Come a casa"
Cescaa84 from Roma, Italia

Good Friend, Good Food & Good Times...
La Casa Battambang Restaurant


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